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1) Induce Reciprocity Building rapport begins within you. The entire process of building rapport is built upon the foundation of concern, caring, compassion, interest and a desire for the well-being of your client. Pacing and leading is a process that creates comfort for you and the client to know that you are moving along at a pace that is appropriate for the client. The entire process of building rapport, pacing, and leading could be as little as one minute and as much as an hour or more. After rapport has been established you can enter into the body of your presentation.

There are many ways to begin the sales presentation, but, my favorite is to give my client something. I regularly give a book that I wrote, called, The Gift, to my clients. You may not have a book to give, so here are some ideas to consider when deciding how you will induce reciprocity.

What you will give to your client to induce reciprocity will be, in part based upon the average profit per sale and the significance of your gift. You should know that gifts tend to be reciprocated with sales in direct correlation to the dollar value of the gift that is given. Specialty items, like pens, date books and calendars are perceived as advertising items and do not induce reciprocity. You must think of something appropriate that you can give to your client that will be appreciated. Inducing reciprocity is not just a sales technique, it is a way of life. There is almost a metaphysical energy that seems to emanate from the giving of gifts.

Expect nothing in return when you induce reciprocity. The simple act of giving helps you develop a caring and compassionate personality. That is what people are buying when they buy from you….YOU!

TIP: People don’t really buy into ideas, products or services-they buy YOU!

2) Share Part of You, With Them

Show your confidence in your client by helping them with one of their potential clients (or problems). In other words, offer to help them in any way you can. Can you make a phone call for them as a referral? Can you help them bring more business to their store by taking 50 of her business cards? What can you do to freely help them with their business that is above and beyond the scope of your sales call. OFFER TO HELP. I’ve done this for years in selling and marketing and you can’t believe how many times my kindness has been returned a thousand times over, over the years. Would you be willing to write them a testimonial on your letterhead for your client to show HIS clients? That is the kind of treatment you would like from your clients, so why not offer it out first!

3) The Common Enemy

Nothing binds two people, groups, or nations like a common enemy. Find their enemy and align yourself with their viewpoint. Do they hate the IRS? Do the same people try to hurt your mutual businesses? Jibe with them. Once someone shares with you who his enemies are, you have built a relationship for life. Drugs? Gangs? Taxes? Unemployment Compensation Insurance? Lawsuits? Government? Criminals? What are the common threats to business and society that you both dislike and you both know hurts your business.

You won’t find a common enemy in every sales interview or communication, but if you are thinking of the theme, the opportunity to put both of you on the same side of the table will occur during 50% of your interviews. Once you have a common enemy you have rapport and a lifetime relationship.

4)Tell a Short Story About Someone Like Them

If you can build a reservoir of stories (short stories) about people who have become your clients you can utilize this persuasive skill. Tell today’s client about another client who recently bought from you. This client should be someone they remind you of. You can build an entrancing sales presentation around such stories and they make great lead ins to the core of your presentation.

5) Respect

Sincerely show respect for the person via a compliment. Always be looking for things to like about other people. Compliment them. A little respect goes a long way and you cannot under-estimate the value of a sincere compliment of respect in the environment of influence.

6) Knock Their Socks Off

The shortest amount of time we spend with any client is normally that of the actual communication itself. When you do actually begin the process, the very first thing you do is this: Blow them away with an astonishing claim, an amazing fact, something that few would know. Show them something amazing that no one else has shown them. Make the biggest claim that you can substantiate. The client will always remember and consider this introduction. Start strong, finish strong. Your claim for your product or your service should be colossal and it must be true. Knock their socks off.

7) Always Give More Than You Promised

Napoleon Hill always made sure his audiences knew the principle of going the extra mile. Follow the example of those who sell who become millionaires. If you promise something make sure that your client gets exactly what you promise and then some. Remember that phrase: …and then some!

8) The Power of Understatement

After making your big fat claim you can quickly work your way into your sales presentation. This is the time to make sure you don’t over-inflate your product or service. You made your big fat claim, now support it with the power of understatement. In other words, if your mutual fund portfolio has a track record of 12% return per year over the last 10 years, then understate that by saying, “Now, if you average 10% per year…” For 10 years you have earned a 12% return, but you are being conservative for your client and he knows it and appreciates it.

9) Be Precise: Then Beat Your Precision

If you know that this automobile is going to get your client 19 miles per gallon, tell him that. Then tell him a secret. “…but, if you use Mobil One oil, you can literally add an extra 3 miles per gallon of gas and that translates to an extra $100 of gasoline savings per year.” Be precise, then be better than being precise.

10) Get It Done Faster, Easier, Better

You live in an age where your client wants everything to be better, cheaper, faster, quicker, smarter, easier, more luxurious. So promise what you can, and then deliver…and then some. If they tell you that your competitor will get them X, then if you can really do it, you tell your client that you are going to get them X+2. Never be beaten because of the lack of going the extra mile. What can you do for your client that no other agent will do for them? What can you do for them that no one else in the business does? Answer these questions then do it.

11) Be On the Edge of Your Seat

Pay attention with baited breath to every word your client has to say. It should be clear that what your client has to say is the most important thing in either of your worlds at that moment…and it is. If these were the last words you would hear while you were alive you would want to know what your client has to say. Live your sales presentation as if the significance of each word will change your very life. Relationships are cemented when you do this. With the attitude of respect, going the extra mile and intense excitement about your client and his life, you won’t need to use a multiplicity of closing tactics “on your client.” He will demand that you sell him your product or service…now.

Covert Hypnosis: An Advanced Course in Subtle Unconscious Influence The Master’s Secrets Revealed! (Vol. 1 – 8)

“This is THE advanced course in subtle influence! Remember when you read Covert Hypnosis: An Operator’s Manual, and you got that WOW! feeling inside?! Well, that was just the beginning. In Covert Hypnosis: The Master’s Secret Revealed, you are going to learn how to subtly move inside the minds of anyone you communicate with. In trance or out…this is the most powerful material on Covert Hypnosis on the planet. Period.” Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.

In CD 1, Kevin Hogan reveals specifically the secrets of how to weave the exact messages you want others to act upon into stories that captivate listeners.

CDs 2 & 3 show you how to motivate and compel other people to change their behavior as quickly as is humanly possible. Benefit: You can utilize these covert tools with your own unconscious mind because they link into the core drives and desires that you have!

CD 4 reveals ALL 22 elements of Covert Hypnosis for this first time anywhere! Never before released by anyone, anywhere. The complete Covert Hypnosis Model for change is here. Business? Sales? Consulting? Coaching? Therapy? Learn specifically how to generate change in their thinking with the Covert Hypnosis Model.

CD 5 gives you all the tools necessary to take a person’s deepest drives (sex, eating, acquisition, connection, etc.) and fuse them into building compelling outcomes (the girl of your dreams, lose weight, acquire wealth, meet new people easily). Ignore either aspect, and failure is assured. Successfully meld the two in the unconscious mind and amazing things can happen.

CD 6—Pattern Recognition: Getting someone to think about something is one thing. Getting someone to feel driven to DO something and then watch them do it like magic is something else entirely. Learn so much in just this one CD!!!

CD 7 – This is 2003 neuroscience and research that reveals how to rewire the brain. Some neuroscientists call it “sculpting.” It’s not something that happens instantly and it requires the use of both hemispheres which can be pretty tricky if you don’t know what you are doing.

CD 8 – You are going to learn some unique techniques in the eighth volume of Covert Hypnosis. Not only are you going to learn the truth about values (when they are critical and when they are MEANINGLESS) but you are going to discover the values of the unconscious mind! The unconscious mind and conscious mind do not correlate to each other but they both correlate to the behavior of every person you meet.

Intrigued? Discover the secrets to what separates Covert Hypnosis from every other compliance technology Discover what even the experts don’t know about how the mind interacts with the unconscious mind.

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