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Covert Persuasion by Kevin Hogan now published in Korea

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"The Spring Internet Marketing Course was the best class ever!!! I cannot believe how much I learned from you. My new business has grown exponentially during this class. I also learned so much from the other participants. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had in an online class!"
Sonya "Sunny" Lenzo, St. Paul, Minnesota

"Kevin, Just to let you know I had an amazing experience the other day. I was talking to a shop assistant, I needed a book reserved which this shop doesn't do generally and was not having much luck until I started activating her maps. Within minutes the book was not only on hold but it was as if she was mesmerized hanging on my every word. Now I really see how powerful this stuff is. Your work has so inspired me improving my business and persuasion skills no end. I have four of your books and can't wait to get more." William Goldsworthy

"Sending a quick thanx for the 'flagging' info in 'Coffee with Kevin Hogan' recently. Good stuff! Felt like I was reading something I had paid for!" Sending a quick thanx for the 'flagging' info in 'Coffee with Kevin Hogan' recently. Good stuff! Felt like I was reading something I had paid for!"
Chris Horne,Eden Prairie, MN

"Every week, Coffee with Kevin Hogan is a must read. I particularly liked your article on the Can-Doers and the No-Doers. Thanks!"
Sharon McGann, Sydney

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Secrets of Body Language

"Kevin, you damn near bring water to my eyes man with your sincere effort to bring the best out of us.  I really appreciate you and how I've learned from you, which was mostly what you pulled out of me during the Professional Speakers Course. The technical "how to's" are invaluable. You truly delivered as and beyond what you promised. You may or may not believe in God but one thing for SURE, God Believes In YOU. The qualities of character and compassion, the giving and care that you exhibit are clear and identifiable, they have a source. That source has been expressed through YOU." Michael Muhammad






 By Kevin Hogan 




Influence: Boot Camp 2015!

February 26, 27, 28, Mar. 1 - 2015
with Kevin Hogan
at the Downtown Grand
in fabulous Las Vegas!

Influence: Design Your Lifestyle

Ready to be at Influence: Boot Camp 2015 in February?

Influence: Boot Camp 2015 Live in Las Vegas

2/26 Thursday 11:00 - 7:00
2/27 Friday 8:30 - 6:00
2/28 Saturday 8:30 - 5:00
3/01 Sunday 9:00 - 4:00

It's simple.

"Isn't it about Time to Finally Get What You Deserve?"

You're about to ask for the date, the deal, million dollar deal, the raise, the promotion.

You can tell she is on the fence.

She says she is going to "think about it." Or maybe, "I have to check with my…"

Then of course the answer turns out to be "no."

A light breeze from the west would have nudged her off the fence onto the right side but you didn't have the right breeze. There are a dozen factors that kept her permanently on the fence.

You almost heard "yes." You almost got the deal. You almost got the girl. You almost got the incredible job offer. It was right there and then it wasn't.

I've spent the last 17 years finding the hidden forces that gently cause one person to say "yes" to you when they say "no" to everyone else.

I've watched hypnotists, NLPers, pick up guys, social psychologists, million dollar marketing mavens and even the best salespeople, ask or make their offer, absolutely certain she would agree. Then it happened. Like an earthquake. It all turned upside down. The turn down was gentle, kind, sweet stated clearly with no malicious intent.

But it was over. The answer, gentle or not, was "no."

They were sure they had a "can't say no" proposition.

And then she said, "no."

And you're left thinking, "geez how can that be?! She SAID she wanted me/it!

It's right here where the shell shocked influencer calls me. This is where they want to know what went wrong.

People think what worked in the past will work again. That is true with about 25% of approaches and contexts. The rest of the time, you simply do the same thing and get "I'm sorry, I'd love to but I can't."

At Influence: Boot Camp, I'll show you how you can know which will work and which won't next time out.

You're about to find out why "proven ad copy" worked for them and not for you.

You'll find out why the same exact website layout died for you and made them wealthy.

You'll find out why the presentation they gave knocked them dead and yours fell flat.

You'll find out why you said the same thing that crushed it for them and got crushed for you.

Now, I'm going to show you exactly what to do instead.

Your Problem Finally Solved at Influence: Boot Camp

This year, Influence Boot Camp is going to last not just the four days in Las Vegas, but six additional months in your home. I'll explain this experience is something you and only you can participate in, in a moment. I've spent the past year completely redesigning Boot Camp to finally fix YOUR biggest problem.

You can have the answer, or continue on in the same old.....

  • You can't get through to #1.

  • She doesn't return your calls.

  • He doesn't ever get the brochure you sent him.

  • They trust you but still feel uncomfortable, and say no.

  • You are honest and they still don't trust you.

  • Your price was lower for the SAME THING, but they still said no.

  • Your email didn't get read.

  • The email with you sent to another company got read, and they didn't reply.

  • The email with the third company got read but you got a generated response.

  • You wanted Customer Service to help but they came up with an excuse.

  • You wanted an upgrade and didn't get it.

  • You wanted a better deal and they didn't budge.

  • She picked another guy and he was a moron.

  • You were THIS close to the experience of a lifetime.

  • It was totally illogical that she said "no" to you.

  • She said "yes" but then "changed her mind."

  • You do everything right and it barely works.

  • You tried what they taught you and it didn't work.

  • You learned from them and never had success with it.

"Now You Hear "Yes" and They Will Not"

Sometimes the words matter. Sometimes they matter a lot. Most of the time they have very little to do with the outcome of much of anything. The more influential you are, the more valuable those situations where words matter, matter even more.

Power emanates from within and your Power Meter is registering a number. Most of the time it stays within a very, very narrow zone.

Prior to showing you the Techniques of Influence, the number on your Power Meter will go up and then I need it to STAY UP until the next time I see you.

You can't have real long lasting power without being influential. You can't be influential for long without having a force of knowledge and personality that imbues you with what others see as a shade of charisma.

Now you can have what you've always wanted.

Kevin Hogan on Subliminal Imaging

Influencing All You Choose


Look, I don't want you leaving Influence 2015 and going out and setting up your own cult. I want you to go out with the ability to persuade or sell anyone and everyone you want. And I to want...that to be more than the proverbial Win/Win.

It's hard for me to put together scenarios where I (you) can't persuade someone if I (you) want to.

Every mind has a keyhole. I'm giving you and entire set of skeleton keys. (Write that metaphor down, that's another good one!)

One of my favorite books describing why the keyhole is there is, "The General Theory of Love." They don't tell you how to get in that keyhole, but I will for you as long as you will be a "White Hat" kind of guy (or girl).

Question: Will someone be able to say, "No," to you if you are moving toward "yes?"

Yes they will. But it's not going to happen all that often...

1) You are an Influential Force

...and if you aren't now, you will be by March 2.

This is one of a few things you are about to learn which I've never revealed in the past.

It begins with what you think, do, activate, and set into motion before the encounter. For me this is more time intensive than anything that ever happens face to face.

Kevin Hogan Influence Las Vegas Boot Camp: Compelling Persuasion You're going to learn a literal step-by-step process of what to do before you leave your office or home to meet whoever you're going to be connecting with.

The process is comprehensive. I've never had a serious opportunity to open up about this in the past. It is, after all, rather personal. What happens prior to First Contact is big. Is it the most important piece of the influence puzzle? In most situations, the answer is of course, "yes."

Thus, as far as everything that leads up to an encounter, we're going to go there in depth. I will give you detailed examples from various aspects of life. I've never read about this in a book or seen it demonstrated or even talked about. It is what makes YOU the most important influential factor when you meet them. That's rarely the case with 99% of Influencers.

Operating at random is no longer optional.

I will physically demonstrate this Pre-Contact phase in each detail, as if you are NOT in the audience. I will walk you through the most intimate thought sequences and patterns of behavior that generate elements of Self that people want to stand next to instead of in opposition to.

This isn't about being "prepared," or knowing your material, or what you are going to say. It goes far beyond any surface structure. It's the one "hard to put a finger on it - factor" that people ask me about most. "But I'm not you, how do I do that?" You'll know before lunch on Wednesday!

I want to take you through more than a few real life scenarios. Before the big meeting, before going to the Club. Before seeing the client. You're going to find out what is at the core of the influential person and how to wrap your Self around that core and then bring it out of your home or office into the real world.

I want you to exude authority, magnetism, certainty, knowledge, competence and command respect.

I want people to describe you as charismatic, whether you are or not.

I want you to be instantly respected and typically liked by most everyone you meet.

There will be a very cool experiential piece here so you can take this home and DO this in your life.

Material that is particularly personal will be demonstrated, but you won't be doing anything all that personal with other participants. That will all wait for you to return home. But for everything that we can do at the event, you will have a force of gentle but strong presence when you depart.

2) First Contact

Influence Las Vegas Boot Camp: Compelling Persuasion After you have become a serious force from within, you must identify with the other person or group. You're now arriving at the office, the date, your presentation, your negotiation.

What specifically has to happen at First Contact? Is this the part that is about what you should wear? Sure. That matters. Is this the part where we deal with "breaking the ice?" Yes. That's a tiny piece, as well. But anyone can read a book about impression management and be able to pull that off. First Contact is critical.

It really encompasses the other person falling into you. These early moments are where you meet them in their world and then you take them to another world. This isn't anything like rapport. First Contact is respect, appreciation and rapture.

This moment is significantly different from what you have in mind right now. The thing of it is, the moment could be contentious and difficult for the other person. It could be difficult or unsettling for you. You're about to experience just how to shift those contentious moments and jettison them when necessary.

Each element will be demonstrated.

You'll get an opportunity to engage in a few important First Contact experiences after they've been demonstrated by me at the front of the room. What might have been "uncomfortable yesterday," now becomes rather S.O.P. and familiar.

This is a skill you can model from what you've experienced and really meet someone in a way that causes them to perceive you in a more valuable light.

3) Identification

Some experts will argue that identification is the most important aspect of influence. It's certainly the single most misunderstood element of influencing others.

People want to do things with and for those for whom they feel connected to. This is not about rapport. Identification occurs when there is an almost unyielding connection. Identification remain relatively constant through time.

I will demonstrate how to create Identification between you and almost any other person. I'll show you the common mistakes people do trying to identify with others. You'll see how to instantly eliminate all of them.

Beyond the surface, there is also a mental framework that is necessary to actually accomplish this outcome. It's not simply finding out whether they are a Christian or a Jew. It's not about Republican vs. Democrat. It's far more profound than that. It's much more powerful than a surface connection.

It's here, in this moment, that the other person will do almost anything for you. Or at least they will if you have mastered connecting the identifying threads between you and them.

The probability of people complying with you when they identify strongly with you (and yes there are definitely links, some links that are weaker than others) is dramatically increased. With some aspects of identification in certain contexts, it's very, very difficult to fail at gaining agreement.

4) Changing their Frame of Mind and then Changing their Mind

Influence Las Vegas Boot Camp: Changing Minds This is probably the most difficult of the elements of influence and once again, no one talks about it in a fashion that matters in causing people to want to have you there with them.

You're going to learn effective and predictable methods to change frames and change minds. I'll personally demonstrate numerous examples and then let you do this.

You'll find out how to take the person from a defensive state of mind to a compliant or agreeable state of mind in as little as 20 - 40 seconds, or as much as a few minutes.

This element requires a significant amount of precision in your preparation (as you will learn in #1 above, on day one). Once you have this skill, your ability to influence is elevated.

Intentional State Transformation is a strong skill to master. The goal is not ever to take someone from being sad to happy in an instant. That's not psychologically sound. But the ability to consistently and predictably move someone from distrust to trust is instantly useful and you'll be able to do just that and you WILL do that at Boot Camp.

5) Timing

Timing can be everything. Whether you ask in this moment or the next. Whether you leave a pause It's important to have a timing style that is unique to your Self, but you must know how to use timing.

Things like the day you ask for the date, the time of the day, the time of the month, the time on the wall, they all matter. They matter a great deal. Understanding self regulation alone can dramatically allow you to be more influential. Timing includes but goes beyond these important factors.

You want to know when to pause. You must know how long to pause. You must know what to say or do when a pause is complete. You want to know how to learn to develop a repertoire of timing tools. You will do just this and you'll get a chance to see them demonstrated before you get to actually use them in the real world. You will quickly find out the difference between what works and why.

Timing factors in influence go beyond the moment. They go into the past and into the future. You'll need to access the past and the future quite often in influence. You'll learn how to do it. Then you'll see it demonstrated. Then you'll get a chance to do it your Self.

Influence Boot Camp: Compliance

6) The Keys to the Building

When you ask for the keys to the building, just because you asked, you want the person to hand them over. Being able to project that deserved trust without offering it up front, is critical.

How do you cause people to trust you without somehow "insuring" it?

When this is demonstrated and you've replicated it, you'll generally have the keys simply by holding your hand out.

7) Reducing or Defusing Reactance

Reactance is the fear of being manipulated to where something will be lost. That something could be the freedom of choice. It could be losing choices or options. Reactance is also the fear of being manipulated and by extension facing the consequences of being manipulated.

When you are taken advantage of, you feel embarrassed or humiliated. Those feelings you've experienced in the past trigger memory circuitry in what the brain perceives as similar situations far into the future.

Reactance is not an "objection" to your proposal. It's 10 times bigger and it's something that generally requires contextual change to turn a "no" into agreement.

That sounds easy but it's not always easy to make that happen in real life.

I will demonstrate many examples of reactance. You'll see how to overcome this greatest of all fears and you'll have a catalog of ways to reduce resistance when you don't have the opportunity to completely change the context.

The reason people experience "no" more often than not is caused by reactance. Without pulling the plug on reactance, the greatest "pitch" in the world, delivered by the cutest face in the room, with all the perfect triggers will be fruitless.

You'll get a chance to feel reactance and you'll see why it is so difficult to overcome for people who have never been taught what it is. This invisible force field can be turned off and in fact it can be used to your favor in some but not all cases.

This will be... rather exciting.

8) My Personal Favorite Techniques

Be prepared to learn technique after technique to increase compliance and build long term relationships.

These are my favorite "techniques." These include the pieces of behavior I personally default to when my nonconscious is running the mind. They are also those that I remind myself to use when I really need someone to comply and for some reason 1 - 7 above didn't accomplish that goal.

The techniques are all tested and proven. Some are brand new and some are simply the most effective things you can do in any given moment to cause someone to move forward with whatever it is you are suggesting.

I'm going to demonstrate technique after technique during Influence: Boot Camp. You'll replicate many that can be tested before the end of the event. The rest you'll take home.

"An Influence Gift for YOU!"

Influence: Boot Camp 2015 Live in Las Vegas is exciting.

The high-energy Downtown Grand Hotel is home base.

Kevin Hogan Influence Las Vegas Boot Camp Influence, Persuasion, Body Language, Business Building Perhaps one of the best parts of Influence: Boot Camp this year is I'm up front the majority of the day.

And...we have fun.

After? Maybe I can have you for dinner with a small group or invite you to my suite at the end of the night for drinks. One thing is certain. When you leave Las Vegas, you will have sat down and talked with me unless YOU made it impossible to do so.

I've spent a lot of money seeing people and never even getting a hello. That always bugged me. You will say more than "hello" to me. I want to know you and perhaps be important in pulling a few strings for you in your career.

In fact everything about Influence: Boot Camp is about what I want in a training. Lots of content. Lots of applications. Lots of certainty. Lots of new material. Demonstration, Opportunity to test. Meeting the people who can turn keys for you in life.

One Boot Camp, I invited the inventor of Microsoft Word, my friend Richard Brodie, to stop by at his convenience and say hello. (He was in the World Series of Poker Tournament.) Well he did more than that. He stayed and answered questions and met people. That's the kind of thing that makes Influence: Boot Camp unique. How'd you like to pick that brain for a half hour? If you were at Boot Camp, you did....

You come to Influence: Boot Camp and it's like getting the greatest gift you can imagine. You always leaving thinking, WOW!

The other thing I do in a training is make sure that EVERYTHING is usable and applicable when you get home. I make sure that EVERY person at Boot Camp for the purpose of influencing in business, leaves with at least one specific tactic or method that will make them in excess of $10,000.

This is the perfect experience for you *and* your partner or employees because you can debrief over dinner what we did in Boot Camp. You can begin implementation into sales, marketing and management immediately. Email Kevin for special information about bringing a partner or spouse.

Influence: Boot Camp has NO ridiculous exercises where you get up and rub your neighbor's shoulders. There will be demonstrations of advanced material and you'll get a chance to try new tangible ideas on for size.

Influence: Boot Camp means having a great experience. It's run EXACTLY how I wanted every training that I've ever been run. High-content in a relaxed atmosphere where you can meet all the right people. The standard is high.

To Whet Your Appetite for Boot Camp!

  1. Advanced Decoding of Body Language What the other person sees and feels while communicating with you. At Influence Boot Camp, you will observe updated demonstrations on how to present and decode body language. Learn how to interpret a woman's body language, from context to context...and then...know how to respond. Women, learn how to interpret a man's body language.


  2. Building The Perception of Authority - Influencing with authority is one thing. Anyone can do that. Influencing without authority is quite another. Influencing those who don't have to listen to you...don't have to pay attention to you...don't have to respect you...or even consider your opinion...that's what you're going to find out about here. Exciting, innovative and once again you are first to get this!


  3. Using The Context...Secret Techniques you've never been shown before for persuading.... Just how do you change the space around you to influence each person in the setting? The context?

    When in an unfavorable setting, like the lunch room of a Pepsi plant, how do you quickly make minor changes to manipulate the setting and create a favorable outcome? More incredible? What if you can't change the location or setting in any way? What do you do when the REASON you are in an influential setting puts you at a disadvantage? How do you change that?

    And even more challenging, what if your timing is off and you're presenting at a time disadvantage? How do you squeeze your 60 minute presentation into 30 minutes...or 20 and still come away with the deal or the date?

    You're going to discover how to create the perception of a different setting. This groundbreaking material is new and has not appeared anywhere prior to this Boot Camp!

    Bonus: You're going to find out just what locations and settings are most likely to cause the other person to say, "yes" for virtually every context.


  4. Priming made Simple - What's a popular soft drink? Exactly, Pepsi. You were primed in the "environment" section of this promotional piece. Almost 94% of people will respond Pepsi. That prime is priceless in all communication and I'm going to show you how to covertly prime outcomes in any context or setting.
Each module is built on fresh applications and up-to-date research that is changing the face of persuasion and influence.

Kevin Hogan on Subliminal Imaging Four Days to Set Out on the Path of The Influence Master!?

Entrepreneur? Influencer? Employee? Spouse? Parent? Salesperson? Professional Person? Therapist? Trainer? Manager?

Influence: Boot Camp is going to help you gain the most advanced techniques of influence and persuasion. You are going to learn to utilize the techniques and strategies of gaining compliance to change the perception and behavior of others in a completely unconscious way.

You are going to learn and be able to walk away with everything you've ever wanted to know about persuasion techniques, gaining compliance, making the sale, getting the date, and generating the answer "Yes!" from the mouths of everyone you meet.

"How do you KNOW this will work for YOU?!"

Kevin Hogan Influence Las Vegas Boot CampThe latest in persuasion.

I've spent the last 17 years getting people to do what they couldn't do, refused to do, didn't want to do, hated to do, could never do before.

I had one conversation with a man who came to Boot Camp last time. Once he came to learn. He left, he became a multi-millionaire because he did precisely what I told him to do. Then he came back three years later and said "thank you." One conversation. I'll see if I can get Jason to pop in this year if he's in the States.

Another man who came to Boot Camp and sat next to Jason had one conversation with me. I told him precisely what to do. He didn't want to do it. I looked at him and he agreed to do it. He did it. He sold millions more of business, in a recession, than he had in the past. One conversation. You'll meet him at Boot Camp this year.

You'll sit next to any of a dozen or so people who will tell you, "After I met Kevin I had my best year ever. And then I did it again...and again. And then again." I've watched scores of people go from $50,000 annually to $100,000 or $100,000 to $200,000 or $200,000 to $500,000 and so on. There'll be as many of those people to chat with as you like.

Six years ago a woman came to Boot Camp who wanted nothing but to "be happy." The next year she came back and her life was changed. Her income didn't move up a lick. Her HQ, her happiness quotient had gone off the meter. You'll meet her this year as well. She'll bring tears to your eyes no matter how much of a tough guy you are.

Each person was told something different because there are no scripts that you can use in life that are replicable from person to person.

But wait! Does everyone who walks in the door to Influence: Boot Camp automatically by Divine Fiat become wealthy or happy?

Absolutely not.

I've seen people come for putting their life together in other ways. To get out of abusive situations. To learn how to impact their family in useful and productive ways. People come to learn to be influential for many, many different reasons. Some people even come simply to become an influence expert. I actually can't pull that off because that would require 40 eight hour days to pull that off. On the other hand, you'll know what to do and what resources you must have to accomplish that so perhaps in one way you could easily make it happen by 2016.

If you know what you want by lunch of Day One... because you are about to become an Influential Force, you'll (almost certainly) have it walking out the door after Day Four. If you don't decide, you won't succeed and there isn't much I can do about it.

What do you get from Influence: Boot Camp?

Kevin Hogan Influence Las Vegas Boot Camp: Compelling Persuasion You gain the power and skill sets to acquire what you have earned and deserved in life. You learn to cause people to say "yes," when their nonconscious holds them back.

Is Influence: Boot Camp an NLP Training?


Is Influence: Boot Camp a Hypnosis Training?


Is Influence: Boot Camp a Social Psychology Training?


Is Influence: Boot Camp2015 different from other Boot Camps in the past?

Of course. There would be little point in replicating the past. Each year is almost 100% different material from all previous years combined. This year IS a bit different because we will draw from some of the very most valuable material to build the most dramatic and instantly applicable methodology of influence, in one cohesive 'package' that has ever been experienced.

Does anyone else teach what you'll be showing us this year at Influence: Boot Camp?

They don't have the material yet. Some day it will leak out. Until then the only person who has the knowledge is you.

What prerequisites are there for Boot Camp?

There aren't any BUT you will do yourself a big favor by giving yourself elementary knowledge by reading The Psychology of Persuasion, The Science of Influence, Covert Hypnosis and Covert Persuasion. Understand the texts are foundation material and we will not have time to cover material from the books. You will certainly hear me reference terms and elementary information in the course of the event.

Is this only for Salespeople and Marketers?

Great for the two groups. We've had politicians, teachers, MD's, doctors, attorneys, financial advisers, entrepreneurs of all kinds, ministers, therapists, musicians, agents, police officers, military, managers and guys and girls that like to do well at the club.

"Do You Offer a Money Back Guarantee?"

Yes! Return your manual and notes immediately before I close the morning session on the first day of the event and your tuition will be refunded on the spot. No exceptions will be made.

Can I record the event?

Not in any way.

Can I bring my partner or spouse?

You bet. They typically can come at a significantly reduced price. Register, then email kevin(at) for information on how to get your spouse in.

How should I dress?

Business casual or Nice Casual. No coat is required. Look nice. Women should bring a sweater or light jacket as meeting rooms in Las Vegas run cool. You want to look good because you never know who will show up at Boot Camp that you'll want to have a photo opp with...

Hearing or Visually Impaired? Handicapped accessible?

Let me know NOW, so we can bring you headphones and/or we'll seat you in the front row. Once the event has begun there is nothing we can do. All of my events are handicapped accessible.

Can I meet people the night before the event so I know people when I walk in the door?

Yes. For first timers this is a great idea. Email me before the event and I'll send you details.

Every year people say, "This was the best Boot Camp ever."

But I have a secret.

It probably was the best for them, but for me I have an agenda every year. Part of the agenda is to provide a great experience. The most recent great experience someone has is generally what they single out as "the best." (This, by the way, is a very cool tool of influence. Just sit and think about it for a second!)

And...we have fun. Maybe I can have you for dinner with a small group or invite you to my suite at the end of the night for drinks. But one thing is for sure, when you leave Las Vegas, you will have sat down and talked with me unless YOU made it impossible to do so.

I've spent a lot of money seeing people and never even getting a hello. That always bugged me. You will say more than "hello" to me. I want to know you and be important in pulling a few strings for you in your career. Kevin Hogan Business Building

In fact everything about Influence: Boot Camp is about what I always wanted in a training.

  • Solutions that matter and work in the real world.

  • Everything is demonstrated live!

  • Your certainty & confidence is increased.

  • Lots of new material, no rehash.

  • Meet the people who happily open doors for you in life.

You come to Influence: Boot Camp 2015 and it's like Christmas without the irritating relatives. You always leaving thinking, WOW!

The other thing I do in a training is make sure that EVERYTHING is usable and applicable when you get home. I make sure that you leave with at least one specific tool each day that, if you choose, will cause you to generate in significant excess of $10,000.

There are no comps, passes or further discounted admissions.

Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your first half day of Influence: Boot Camp, return your manual and notes immediately before I close the final morning session on the first day before lunch and your tuition will be refunded on the spot. No exceptions will be made.

Choose One of Two Ways to Attend Influence: Boot Camp!

Influence: Boot Camp is $3,997 at the door.

Early Bird Registration is very important to our planning so you will receive over half off the price at the door if you register today. Register by November 23 at 1:59 PM CDT and you can enjoy Influence: Boot Camp in Las Vegas and be part of an intimate and elegant dinner for four with Kevin Hogan all for only $2777.

Bring your questions and a camera!

As an added bonus your ticket price also includes breakfast each day.

In addition you'll receive all six monthly Influence: Boot Camp Advisory Calls from April through September!

This offer is only good for the next 3 people who register today.

Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp - Have Dinner with Kevin Hogan

If you'd like you can use 12 easy payments of $247.

Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp Dinner with Kevin Pay in Installments


Take advantage of this one time only Early Bird Pre-Registration discount, you won't see it lower - ever! Pre-Register today, right now and you can choose to pay only $1777 for Influence: Boot Camp and breakfast each day!

You'll also receive all six monthly Influence: Boot Camp Advisory Calls from April through September!

Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp

OR If you'd like to use 12 easy payments of $177 instead, use this registration button.

Use Easy Monthly Pay:

Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp Pay in Installments

P.S. There are no comps, passes or further discounted admissions.

The workshop comes with a complete 325+ page copyright protected official Influence: Boot Camp Master Guide that is the most user friendly manual for persuasion and influence you will ever possess. You can actually USE this formula based manual forever. Use it to prepare for every client, every date, every important meeting and communication you ever have.

Special Bonus : Your investment in Boot Camp is 100% protected. This event will be videotaped and the videos will not be sold to the public for less than $2497.00 in 2015.

No comps will be given to this event. None.

Notice: All participants will sign a two year non-disclosure form that prohibits anyone from training any individual or group with this information outside of your own personal staff. This information is for your personal use ONLY.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

$3997 $1777 when you register TODAY


12 easy payments of $177 each

Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp


Use 12 Easy Installments:

Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp Pay in Installments





Kevin Hogan - The Secret Language of Business - Body Language

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"For me, the trouble with psychology stuff is that I find it too interesting -- I just want more... but I need to focus my time on my business. Kevin’s stuff is among the worst, because it’s among the best... I want to listen/read/learn more. I believe Kevin's material is up there with the work of Stephen R. Covey, Robert B. Cialdini, and other masters. Fortunately, Kevin’s material is also about getting your finger out and doing. And it works." Richard Clunan, Wordfruit Copywriter Recruitment Agency

"I found Kevin's web site about a year ago and always look forward to Coffee with Kevin Hogan. I attended Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp 2008. I thought it would be a great opportunity to see Kevin up close and in person and see if he was the real deal. Well, let me tell you the entire experience far exceeded my expectations. It was packed with quality real life information that I could take home and use. The speakers were excellent and top experts in their fields. And there was no sales pitch from any of the speakers, they just shared their cutting-edge information. I walked away very impressed with Boot Camp and Kevin Hogan. I could see that Kevin was very genuine in his desire to make a difference in people's lives. And he has the background, knowledge and ability to truly do that. I would recommend Boot Camp to anyone. I don't care what business you're in - you will have more information than you'll be able to process. I have the Influence Boot Camp 2008 DVD's and I'm glad I do - as I watch them I realize how much information and practical real life skills that were presented that I did not fully absorb while there. It was the best learning experience of my life." Scott A. Bell 

"Just wanted to thank you. I took your Decision Point E-Course earlier this year, and have put the ideas into practice. I knew I wanted to leave my job, but didn't seem able to decide when, how, etc. Well, using what I learned from you, I was able to make a very definitive decision about NOW being the time. I feel great about the timing in my life now and at peace with the decisions I made. This means so much to me! Mahalo nui loa (thank you so very much)."
Stephanie Smedes, Seattle, WA

"I have been receiving your newsletter for a couple of years now as well as several others. Over that time, I have 'weeded out' most. I have purchased some of your products and believe you are the 'real deal'. Your insights and the wisdom you impart have been, are, and will be invaluable. Many thanks."
Mark Estlick, Seattle, WA 

"You have created a 'cookie cutter' plan to wealth via the internet with your Internet Marketing Course; all the participants must do is follow the directions, amazingly easy, thank you." Michael Neumann, Tikrit, Iraq

"Kevin, I have read, and continue to re-read Covert Persuasion The Science of Influence and Covert Hypnosis. My learning experience is best described as drinking from a fire hose! You have provided so much valuable information in these works I have trouble deciding what to work on first. In Covert Persuasion you explain the Focused Outcome Mindset (and you mentioned it in a recent “coffee”).  I used to reject the idea of influencing others as “manipulation” and inappropriate. I see now that we influence others all the time; I just never took the effort to be intentional about it. Thanks again for your great work. You have really helped me be more effective in my sales and my life. I will continue to study your works."
Dave Gurnee

"I thought that your Decision Point E-Course was an excellent and incredibly valuable course. The amount of information is unbelievable. I'm going to be reviewing it for a while. I have read reviews that say you overdeliver and boy do you ever. I have already recommended your course to two friends. Thanks Kevin, for a great course!" Mike Hendry, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

 "The Psychology of Wealth (included in The Millionaire Mind Program) is an amazing program that has helped me peel back the layers that have repeatedly caused me to fumble. My whole life, I had been repeating the same patterns and could not figure out why, nor did I even notice the similarities. This program has not only helped me identify the foundation of these events but has also allowed me to reprogram myself  so I don't repeat the same events. By doing the self-work in this course, Kevin has laid the foundation for anyone who wants to master themselves. I've invested in many of the "other" get rich programs (many of them were great) but none of them discussed the sabotaging beliefs like this program and without identifying your personal road blocks, you're almost guaranteed not to make it to your dream destination in life because your subconscious mind will cause you to repeat the same events over and over to avoid previous programming. This program will help you identify your personal road blocks, teach you to overcome them and reach your dream life. I strongly recommend The Psychology of Wealth to anyone who is serious about achieving financial independence and changing their life." Brian C. Saviano, Oak Brook, IL

"I enrolled in your Internet Marketing Course and I was 'blown away' by the content and quality of the course. It exceeded my wildest expectations. I was more than pleased. I have recommended your course to many business associates and would encourage anyone who wants to 'master' the Internet to take your course. I am still amazed at the content and deliverables you provided! Job well done!"
Steven Chambers, 

"I am in the midst of Kevin Hogan's Public Speaking Course and it is changing my life. I started the course not entirely convinced it would provide much more than what my graduate degrees in communication and experience in public speaking and teaching had already given me. I was wicked wrong. Kevin and the other course members are great sources of information and feedback, the content provided is worth much more than the cost, and you can't beat constant practice and "doing" vs. theory and reading. As a result of the course I am moving away from a theoretical and academic understanding of communication and persuasion to a practical, effective doing of communication. Thanks!" Lisa Perry, JD PhD  

"Kudos for your Public Speaking Program. And I never even have to leave the house. I actually love doing in-person presentations, but they aren't the only way to do things. I also do teleseminars, and I have just launched a new joint venture project with some of the big names in Internet Marketing. I am interviewing 7 of Mark Joyner's Space Monkeys from his 7 Day Business Turnaround Kit, and Mark himself. The participants include Jason Henderson, Michael Morgan, Tom Justin, Reed Floren, and more. Thank you for the inspiration, the skills, and giving me the courage to make this dream into reality!" Tania Baildon, Wealth Virus Expert  


"I have been reading your work for a very long time now, years in fact. I recommend your work to everyone I know and tell them to sign up for your newsletter. I hope to take your speaking program because I do like the idea of controlling my future. You really are about the only guy I pay attention to on the Internet, and admire at the same time. Keep up the good work." Bryan Price, Bakersfield, CA


"Kevin, you have truly moved me to the next level in professional speaking. I have much respect and gratitude for your professionally planned Professional Speakers Course. I will highly recommend it to anyone interested. Your content is packed with more than you promised, your teaching style is powerful and your guidance is very encouraging. Everything I learned is already in action. Thank you for your knowledge, support and secrets of this profession. I met you in L.A 2007, I subscribe to Coffee with Kevin Hogan, and have now taken two rock!!!" Janet James,


"I was interested in changes in my life, but not knowing which direction. I took a chance with your book, The Science of Influence. It looked very attractive, and I found out by reading it, it has great substance! I changed my life and started building my own business as a financial planner and I must say your book and website have given me great help. Thank you for sharing your ideas, especially the Psychology of Wealth Accumulation Coffee with Kevin Hogan, and more! I also have to say I have built more friends in the past 6 months than I made over the last 6 years by helping them honestly. Now I'm daring to make decisions. Thank you very much!" Wolfgang Schernhammer, Austria  

“Want to influence others? Want to persuade others? Want to sell others? Then Science of Influence is not just an option – it’s a landmark breakthrough of information you can use the minute you read it.”
--Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of Selling

"Persuasion Protocol contains extensive and up to date research about persuasion and marketing. Kevin Hogan over-delivers in terms of massive content and utterly applicable stories, metaphors and ideas about persuasion. I view Kevin as my back-up research expert who affirms or negates the viewpoints that evolve in my clinical work as a psychotherapist. The only problem in buying anything by Kevin Hogan is that it is humbling to see how much he gets done and all that he knows. However, you will know far more and be far more productive when you listen to this program and put it into practice. It is worth all the time and money you put into it." Bob Beverley, Psychotherapist,

"We are only half way through this Professional Speakers Course  and I can't believe what I have already learned...and we still have four weeks to go! I have only one regret; that I didn't sign up for this course two years ago. Interestingly enough, I own many of the top books on building your speaking business, and I am excited to say that Kevin has revealed strategies for supercharging our speaking career that weren't even hinted at in these popular books on the same topic. If you are looking for someone to take your money and tell you everything you're doing is fantastic (when it's not), then this course is probably not for you. However, if you are looking for someone who will tell it like it is, someone who truly wants you to succeed, and someone who is willing to share all of his secrets of speaking success with you, then don't make the same mistake I did - enroll in this course as soon as possible. Kevin Hogan is the real deal!" Vincent Harris, Trenton, MO

"Thanks for making a change in my life. I never miss our Coffee meeting Monday mornings and it made me resign from my job and start my own venture 4 months ago, making 3 times the amount of money I used to. I also read your book, Covert Persuasion, awesome stuff. Thanks for everything." Johan Grobler, Gauteng, South Africa

"Kevin Hogan lays a path that magnifies your ability as a speaker. Whether you are currently on the speaker's circuit, or have a burning desire to join, you owe it to yourself to better your abilities with Kevin's Speakers E-Course. The information you will receive will answer all of your questions and then some. If you are serious about maximizing your potential, get into this E-course!"
Matthew Shields, President, Emc2

"I got more out of Kevin Hogan's intense delivery of real world marketing and psychological influence research than any book, program or course that I've taken so far." David Perdew,

"Kevin, I love your NEW INTERVIEW CDs, they are a potential GOLD MACHINE, so it's up to me to practice and get great results."
Jeffrey Carfagna, Pawtucket,Rhode Island


"Ordered my 5th Volume of The Science of Influence on Monday and got it today - Wednesday. You seem to have only one standard of customer service - 'Off the Charts Incredible!' The only thing better than your service is your material and presentation of it. Thanks!" David Graska, Elk Grove, CA 

"Dear Kevin, Have you been following me? I just finished Chapter 8 of your new book, The 168 Hour Week, and I'm starting to look for surveillance cameras! My goodness, this book is me to a T (yes, a capital T!) Good thing I'm working on your Lifestorms program. With that work and this new book, I'm gaining confidence I WILL be able to live my way! Thanks!"
Peggy Larson, Coon Rapids, MN


 "I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of your Professional Speakers Course. It is a definite must for anyone who is thinking about getting into public speaking. If you are a sales manager, sales professional, facilitator, or entrepreneur and you are required to effectively communicate with an audience of 6 or 600, you will benefit from the skills the Professional Speakers Course delivers. These communication skills are applicable to many more applications than just public speaking. Also, thank you for the additional tools and gifts your provided. It was a pleasure to take an e-learning course where you were there personally to coach me along the way, provide feedback and immediately respond to my questions. This program was more than worth the investment."
Eliot Hoppe, Calgary, Canada


"Kevin, I wanted to thank you for your amazing contribution to the MDRT conference last year in Las Vegas. Of all the speakers there, yours was the most influential to my practice.  Not only was it entertaining, it has helped me look at the world and people with a deeper perspective. I appreciate the "free" bonus material you provided.  I also enjoy your coffee talk weekly eNewsletter."
Joshua Helman, M.D. Financial Doctor: "Prescription for Wealth"
Orlando, FL 


"Kevin, I have received incredible value and benefit from your Professional Speakers Course. You have left no stone unturned per pro speaking. I highly recommend this program to anyone considering speaking professionally! Thanks!"
Michael Roth, DC

"As a complete self-confessed Internet amateur I started the Internet Marketing Course both excited and challenged. Well, all my expectations were surpassed and then some. The information and knowledge has allowed me to feel and be ahead of the game when it comes to working via the web for business and wealth creation. Kevin was more than just a mentor, he was my motivator and friend. Throughout the course, Kevin was always ready and available to help and assist. His material invites you the student to create and explore wherever you are in business so that you achieve and go beyond yourself. Kevin has been the invisible force and drive which moved me to take action TODAY!"
David Power, Clinical Hypnotherapist, London

"Wow, you really do over-deliver! I have at least 2 months more work to do even after the course is over. I am not complaining...this is GREAT. I have arranged 3 speaking engagements already and I have a blueprint for my future speaking to be successful. Not only have your prepared the soil you have helped water and fertilize it! I previously thought speaking was just speaking, but boy, was I wrong! Thanks for helping me open my eyes - and - giving us tools to manifest what we are learning with your Professional Speakers Course. All of the add-on information helps us have multiple streams of income as well as better and more effective marketing. What you have delivered is more than what I thought I would receive, and frankly, it is worth more than you charged. I can't wait to get to the $100K have already deserved a bonus and the course is not over yet!."
Karl W. Ellerbeck, NCMT

"Thank you so much for your weekly shots of "Coffee"! I really appreciate being able to benefit from your wisdom, knowledge, humor and kindness on a regular basis." Sean Cook, The Cotswolds, UK

"You taught me how to gather information by observation, and how to communicate information effectively and convincingly. Your contributions to my career are too many to list. A great deal of information was gleaned from your newsletter. I have never bought a lottery ticket. I don't think the odds are in my favor, but every time I buy one of your training programs, I feel like I just won the Powerball. Thank you for all of your help!" Fred Frego, Mountain View, AR

"IT'S UNFAIR! Where was Kevin with his Professional Speakers Course when I was starting my business??? If I had known all this before, it would have saved me a fortune and earned me a fortune already! The course felt like a 1-on-1 coaching or mentoring - packed with unique audio info and reading material focused strictly on business practice. Always delivered on time and always much more than you could digest at one sitting! Kevin pushed me up against my limits and transformed these limitations to a vast potential. Thanks a million!"
Ewa Zaremba,

"Kevin, with two thirds of the Professional Speakers Course behind me you continue to challenge and push me beyond limits I did not even realize existed. With over 400 pages of unadvertised course manuals, 20+ hours of recorded training material, continual opportunities for active participation and one third of the training still to come, I cannot fathom what you have left to share! I haven’t even read about a course that contains half of the materials that you have covered to this point, and still say there is more! The opportunity to interact with the other participants really pulled it all together. Thanks…so far." Murray R. Mortlock, CD, Alberta, Canada

"Hi Kevin, I just finished listening to your CD course on persuasion and wanted to give you feedback: fantastic! Great stuff and very well presented, a pleasure to follow. It's been a long time since I've heard such good stuff; last time in my own sociological studies. You really point out very interesting and surprising aspects." Andreas Scheuermann, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

"Kevin, this week I secured a further 12 speaking engagements where I am speaking for free. This is the start of my career and I want to speak wherever I can. However, get this...I am also speaking at two large engagements with 500 and 600 attendees respectively. Both paid. I am just doing everything you told me to do. I am getting myself out there in every shape and form and it all is beginning to happen. I am on the edge of some great things. I owe so much of this to you, Kevin and your Professional Speakers Course  (and that is underplaying it)!" Adam Eason

"Currently I am a high school senior that is writing an essay on someone that has made an impact in society today through their words. This essay is all about you. I stumbled upon your site as a accident but what I found was absolutely amazing. The way you were able to break down the human mind and then teach it to anyone and everyone who wants to know is amazing. You have built confidence in people's lives as well as contributed to the strengthening of our society through common communication.. Your impact will be felt on people as long as their is verbal and non verbal communication."
Ryan Somers, Skyline High School, Sammamish, WA

"I recently purchased Covert Hypnosis and absolutely love it. I sell security systems to small business owners. I was calling on a repair shop owner and after giving my presentation I asked for the sale. He said his budget was really tight now but call in 6 months. That's when I remembered what you taught and with only ONE sentence, I had the sale! It blew me away. Thank you, thank you!" Andy Howland Grand Rapids, MI


"To say I "hired" Kevin is not accurate-he accepted me as a student in his Internet Marketing Course and promised [1] to give me more than I asked for; [2] to give me accurate, up date information that I could use for my own marketing projects; and [3] to tell me the truth. He did all three and much more without failure or hesitation. I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin; he CAN, he WILL, and he DOES deliver."JC MacKenzie RRT, RCP


"About halfway through your Decision Point E-Course I really began to see a lot of new things.  I’ve been using the ideas in the class on a regular basis now.  I appreciate all the work to bring the course together."
Christian Haller, Alexandria, VA


Kevin Hogan's Science of Influence, 2nd edition

“Want to influence others? Want to persuade others? Want to sell others? Then this book is not just an option – it’s a landmark breakthrough of information you can use the minute you read it.”
--Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of Selling

"I have had The New Hypnotherapy Handbook on my shelf for a year or two and just started reading it...what a mistake I made! I should have picked it up sooner, as it would have saved me and my clients time! I am a subscriber to Coffee and really enjoy your stuff. Thank you, Kevin!" Michael Skirving, 




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"Your "Coffee" is fantastic--thanks for producing it each week. I feel like I start the week 'sharpening the saw', as Covey would say. Thanks for acting on your talent and sharing it with others." 
Daniel Kriss, Director of Marketing, McKendree College, Lebanon, IL 



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"Hi Kevin ... thoroughly enjoyed your talk at Master of Influence last week. You were HILARIOUS! Can't wait to get your 'Invisible Influence' materials, so I can start mastering what you teach (supply ran out by the time we got to the back!)." Jenny Campbell

"You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know you just aren't going to do anything productive for the rest of the day. Thanks to Kevin Hogan's brilliant program, Life: The Source Code, you can make sure every day is a productive day."
Neil Dhawan,


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"Dear Kevin, Your book titled The Science of Influence plays a big role in my career. The book is excellent, and no wonder you are the top guru of Influence and Body Language. Keep writing and changing the world!"
Huy Tran Kiem, Vietnam

"I know I've said thank you for Life: The Source Code, but I also want to say congratulations on putting together and pulling off such an incredible event. That is a remarkable achievement! Awesome job. I came away from Life: The Source Code with exactly what I had hoped and needed." Patrick Glancy, CI, BCH, Salem, OR

"Just wanted to tell you how much your e-books and web site have changed my life this past six months. I'm a hair stylist who has used your teachings religiously and it's worked wonders for my client acquisitions and retentions. Started in early June and my income has tripled in less than six months. Thank you very much!"
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"Life: The Source Code over-delivered on value, like everything Kevin Hogan offers to the world. The breadth and depth of Kevin's knowledge is staggering and is matched by his enthusiasm and vitality and compassion. He delivers a map that will direct you to how to get the life that you want."
Bob Beverley,, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Thanks for Life: The Source Code! What an astounding experience! I haven't felt this good in years...maybe never! All the presenters were great. Thank you."
Peggy Larson, Coon Rapids, MN

"Kevin, Congratulations on an outstanding Boot Camp 2010!! Keynote Speaker Mark Joyner was simply brilliant. I felt his Keynote really set a very positive tone for the rest of Boot Camp. His emphasis on ethics and the importance of making quick decisions were reinforced extremely well by you and the rest of the speakers. Wendi Friesen was simply fabulous. Wendi's teleseminar with you was significant motivation for me to attend this year's event. Dave Lakhani's teleseminar with you put my decision to attend over the top. Tonya Reiman's presentation was nothing short of fantastic. I really enjoyed and appreciated her insightful advice and encouragement. I have to compliment your staff for making your event a smooth and fun success."
Brent Detering, Idaho Falls, ID

"Thanks for an incredible week at Influence: Boot Camp 2010!"
Brian Latta, Bountiful, UT


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Body Talk: Actions Do Speak Louder than Words

Costco interviewed Kevin for
Body Talk: Actions Do Speak Louder than Words.  

Kevin Hogan body language expert in Cosmo

Get this issue of Cosmopolitan for Kevin's body language evaluation!


Kevin Hogan in Sales Guru Magazine

See the article by Kevin in Sales Guru magazine (based in South Africa). "Burnout: Escaping Living Hell"


Kevin Hogan at Playboy Mansion with Neferteri Shepherd

Get an inside view of the
Playboy Mansion with Kevin Hogan.


Kevin Hogan visits Graceland

Kevin visits the home of Elvis Presley - Graceland. Go on a VIP tour with Kevin.

"Sometimes your weekly email and web site are the best thing I've read or heard all week! Thanks." James Cochrane

"Kevin, I took a class of yours years ago and you taught back then that the way to make money and get freedom for yourself is to have your own small business. Well, I did it! I made money for myself and was able to invest in a move to Ecuador. Money goes farther here! I really live your message now. One can only have money and security when working and thinking for him/herself. Thank you - I'm so happy I met and listened to you!"
Liliya Bykova 

"Currently I'm stationed in Baghdad, Iraq. I came across your link reading about strategies and tactics of persuasion from a suggested reading on one of our training sites. Just thought I would send a note to tell you I find your approach very interesting and look forward to reading your e-letters. All the best." CPT Nathan Brookshire

"I just got the book Covert Hypnosis: An Operator's Manual yesterday and it's fantastic. Within minutes of reading certain techniques, I secured a big business deal in S. Wales. This is top notch stuff, the best. I have already recommended it to 2 people. It's great knowing my business can go from strength to strength with this knowledge to assist it. Thank you - the MAP's are incredible!" William Goldsworthy


psychology of persuasion

The Psychology of Persuasion is now available in this mook version in Japan!


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Kevin Hogan in Sales Guru magazine

See the article by Kevin in Sales Guru magazine. Read "Three Newly Discovered Influence Factors That Matter"  

psychology of persuasion

Psychologies Magazine interviewed Kevin for the article, The Art of Persuasion


Kevin Hogan Selling Power magazine

Brain Gain: How to Get Inside the Minds of your Customers Page 68 of this issue


Psychologies Magazine Kevin Hogan on 'The Secret'

Psychologie magazine featured Kevin Hogan's opinion column on 'The Secret'

Kevin Hogan on Personal Excellence

Personal Excellence magazine
features Kevin Hogan's Leadership Excellence article


Kevin Hogan, Motivational Speaker

National Speakers Association magazine. Kevin's article is featured, Setting the Stage: How to Keep the Audience Comfortably Focused on Your Presentation.

"The most remarkable thing about doing Kevin Hogan's Internet Marketing Course was one week after we started, I had a website up and running! This is not the usual type of course where you receive all the subject matter and it sits on your shelf until you find the time for it, oh, no! Kevin is involved. Every day he send you emails with attachments. He takes you step by step through the process, especially in the beginning when you really need it. It's in your best interest to keep up with the group, and whatever questions you have, he answers them all. You will receive absolutely everything you need to know about the Internet. Something else that would never have happened without Kevin, is that my website was spidered 4 days after it was published, and spiders crawl every 3 or 4 days like clockwork. A month later, my site had a page ranking of three. For a newcomer going it alone, this is unheard of. The course was worth every penny. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in setting up an Internet company, big or small."
Sharon Dell, Durban, South Africa,

Kevin in Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan interviewed Kevin for an article on how to level the playing field in business for women. 

"I first gave Lifestorms a superficial listen, just curious what it was about, and at first I got nothing more out of it than a sense that it sounded cool. But, during the last 5 days, I have found the miracle! Something inside me clicked when I began to thoroughly study the material. I find myself interacting with the world as if I'm a new person. The best part is that this difference, this peace that I can not remember feeling before, this seems to be not from rational, "studied" or "memorized" knowledge, but a sense of freedom, a sense of a huge load falling off my shoulders, which I did not even know was there. What I have not mastered yet, I now know I will because of Lifestorms (Wow! Finally!) My friend and I, after the first 5 minutes five days ago, ever since that moment we can barely stop ourselves from discussing everything and we are excited to make time every day to study this, and we dislike the moment when we have to stop because we can barely wait to see what else is there!"
Katerina Spillkova, San Bruno, CA

Kevin Hogan in Success Magazine

Kevin is in SUCCESS magazine. Read "Secret Language: Decoding Nonverbal Clues to Get the Edge."  



"Almost too deep to take in at one go around. So I've gone through everything twice now and have a much clearer understanding. Amazing information! Kevin, the Decision Point e-course is absolutely amazing. You have answered within this course a lifelong question for me, 'Why are 95% of my decisions bad ones?' As a matter of fact I'd finally gotten to the point in life where I would make a decision and then do the opposite, which seemed to be a method for better results...sad isn't it. So why did I mostly make bad decisions? Because I was making them from my gut feeling. It's amazing that I've been able to become a multimillionaire using this poor strategy. Now I truly feel you have given me the opportunity to skyrocket my future. Thank you so much Kevin, your work is truly phenomenal. Without question I'd recommend this course to friend and foe alike."
Kate Upchurch, Richardson, Texas



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