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You obviously remember when the covid lockdown began, and since that day when I arrived back from South America, I’ve been writing and writing and researching. And because I listen, my holiday minded wife Bianca, suggested letting you know we want you to have a great Christmas Season. Now let’s get to it.

Today, we have the two FINAL persuasion books pretty much ready for you, which will among other things detail the 61 Laws of Persuasion and the absolutely most magical persuasive content short of manipulation (we will only train using algorithms in fully controlled contexts like when you shop at because outside of business, there are lots of …ethical challenges here).

We also have a third book, almost complete, this one fiction detailing the lives from every reliable piece of original papyrus and archaeological dig that has completely reshaped the thinking, excitement of the first century Rome Empire, Judea and the lives of Jesus, Mary of Magdalene, and John the Baptist. We will have a controversial title of course because we have learned more in each year that passes than was known from before World War Two. The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Nag Hammadi “Library” and The Ethiopian Bible (arguably the most important when contrasted to protestant, catholic and orthodox versions are all new to us. We know perhaps 10 TIMES more today from these finds about Jesus than anyone in the Roman Empire back in 200 AD had a clue.

Then…I’ve never dug into such fascinating persuasive research as the last two years. Part of that of course is that EVERYTHING changed in the last 24 months!

But it wasn’t JUST the obvious changes.

As we’ve dug to find out why OVER 50% of psychological studies are B.S. (you heard me they don’t replicate!), I knew I needed to develop a methodology for determining what matters in real life for you going forward from today. That INCLUDED re-examining critical research done in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s. It’s been a project and what we found ranged from disturbingly disappointing to nuggets of coin and gold as we’ve never seen the likes.

We learned more from Milgram, Zimbardo and Sherif in the last couple years than we ever thought possible, and the funny thing is that it wasn’t always what they were thinking they would find. Their biases unplugged showed their work to be event MORE valuable and exciting. Then of course recent studies in persuasion have multiplied and the challenge here was getting past the garbage. I was often disappointed at the horrifyingly and intentionally errant “studies” reported to the public. Flat out inaccurate studies have been published to provide evidence for political and “scholarly” work which is junk.

The good news is that you CAN separate the incredibly valuable from the intentionally created “studies.” How bad did it get? About half of all psychological and social psychological “studies” were no such thing. They were papers written with coding processes that were simply created out of thin air to direct the direction of education, medicine and the human behavior fields. What you pick up from these next two books (the nonfiction persuasion/influence books) will boggle your mind. Your perception of the world around you, human behavior, your own thoughts, feelings and those you see on social media and on Zoom will never be the same.

Enough of the massive intro. I literally want to go somewhere simple and fun today, and material I’ve never published…nor has anyone else.

#35  Law of The Jump

At our last Influence: Boot Camp (And yes, we will do another after covid and then, that, really will be, the last one where we will go beyond what you read about in my public work), I spent two hours taking advantage of the image of Kate Upton, arguably the most loved swimsuit model from Sports Illustrated in history.

If you don’t know who Kate, you’re about to gain three key aspects of persuasion.  Around the world I’ve shared about the crash course about the persuasive persona of Upton. Her career and her behavior as a model exemplifies so many persuasive principles simply as she walks in the snow or modeling in zero gravity. Be certain to watch with a keen mind and not just, the “wow she’s cute,” thought. We’ve covered much of this at Boot Camp but a quick summary.

(Super short video without the prep work which can also be found on you tube, but even this clip will give you an image that will give you some valuable inputs into your mental real estate.)

Pretty unreal.

Now, here’s a short look at the Antarctica work.

I want you to watch each ’til the end and see the influence she has on her shoot crew.

This is the follow up.

Remember, don’t just get lost in the fun. (That’s part of the influential persona I want to encourage, but dig deep here!)


Now that you’ve input each of the short videos into your mental real estate, you got surprised by genius and persuasive masters that detail the insane work that goes into those two kind of shoots that aren’t just bikini fillers on a beach.

I haven’t seen anything like this kind of dominance of the self since. I believe these were 2013 projects for SI. We’ve made these rare examples of self regulation and personal mastery easy to understand for you in Premanipulation.

Now, I want you to replicate characteristics of authority, ethic, thinking, and behavior of Upton. For example, does she wonder if someone will say “yes” when she asks for, well, ANYTHING? Everyone knows I was a big fan of Lucy Pinder and Keeley Hazell before Upton came on the scene in a big way. Two very beautiful girls to this day. But like an actor is an actor, they are models that are models. I’ve known and worked with quite a number of models. Lots of nice people. Hard workers. Yet, as in every field there is the 97% and the 3%.

Upton is different. She exemplifies the precise state of mind to control a situation with ease, friendliness, humor, certainty and absolute ownership of persuasive behavior.

As you saw in the brief clips, she’s doing extend photo shoots in sub zero weather in one video. She has complete mastery of her body AND the RESPONSE to every apparently easily controlled movement, in Antarctica as you saw. Then as she learned in less than two hours in zero gravity that she was able to match the expertise of pilots and crews of the zero gravity teams in Las Vegas that work very, very hard to simply get rabid fan clients of a unique form of entertainment in those exciting moments in space. As you observed Upton was spun in four dimensions as she modeled. It’s actually mind blowing when you watch the crew of the “plane” and the SI team trying to learn to do 1/3 of what she has to do. There are no other videos recorded of anyone replicating that on You Tube.


Upton has the authority. You see it from the beginning, in the outtakes. Impossible to not be impressed in both very crazy situations for a model to do stuff I’ve never seen any model do.

One of our graphics at boot camp simply said, “Be Kate Upton” because that person will compel and convince at every level of being. And I’m talking about you, not Upton. Take the 10 minute of video you watch and graft what you see into your Self. Don’t wonder if you’ll be OK on the plane bouncing into and out of the atmosphere, simply do it. Be it. Allow yourself to be in absolute self control. Have that absolute self regulation and self discipline. I can’t provide many examples that are more effective at making the point.

And that brings us into your mind, your body, your actions, your behaviors, your dealing with your fears, anxieties, your “persona” if you will when it is about being on stage and when you are dealing with the most devastating situations you will face in life.

When they see you as the authority in the situation, or believe in a process you are going to act out, your quick decision and instructions most often will yield compliance or agreement. That personal mastery is unstoppable for the leader. (The Law of Power)

People are more inclined to comply with those who have authority or some kind of power in any given context.

The Law of The Jump emerges from The Law of Power yet is largely independent of authority.

Many of my longest running friendships lead back to colleagues in the field of psychology and hypnosis.

Hypnosis is one of those words that conjures up a host of different images to a host of different people.

Some people think of the Manchurian Candidate, one of the more fascinating stories from the world of hypnosis.

Others will think back to Mesmer and the magical passes of his hands over people and healing them of all kinds of disease and problems.

Still others will think of a show they saw in Las Vegas where the guy on stage “hypnotized” an audience member and had them do something like sing a song.

Others think of “suggestibility” and the power of suggestion.

Lots of images, lots of purposes, lots of different approaches to influencing the self or others.

Some of what can be learned from this jumbled grouping of pictures and ideas is that there are times when causing someone to not think about something so you can cause them to do something they need to do. The definition I most commonly use when talking about hypnosis is the bypass of critical thinking.

It’s worth your knowing that if I’m going to spend more than 5 minutes with someone I will not want to bypass critical thinking. I will want to meet that thinking head ON. Otherwise be Kate Upton. Mentally put Donald Trump or Joe Biden’s persona next to hers. See the difference? Adaptability or the persona of adaptability, both valuable. She has the brain to put the world at ease and cause others to believe that there’s nothing to spinning in multiple directions at insane speeds while accomplishing the goal that SI had to do that day at Zero Gravity in Las Vegas. Remember that experience as you go forward and you’ll never want again in life.

Because most people walk through the vast, vast majority of life with their consciousness in the off position, remember your outcome is NOT to bypass critical thought if you want a RELATIONSHIP.

If you simply need to get the vote or the compliance or agreement necessary then JUMP.

Bypassing is going around something. Sometimes you are going to prefer JUMPING.

If someone needs to take an action quickly, I want you to skip “selling them” on an idea and simply tell people what to do, in a firm, certain, controlled, kind, loving and gentle fashion.

Let’s look at this in real life.

“John, I don’t know what color to paint my room, what do you think?”

John can sit for an hour analyzing the situation by looking for reasons to choose blue but ultimately he can bypass the entire conversation if he chooses.

“Light blue. Blue is a good color to feel more calm. You’ve been stressed and deserve to have some of that calm, so you’re painting it blue.”

End of discussion.

“But John…” she says…

“Blue, retro colonial blue. No brainer. You can order 3 gallons online and they’ll be here tomorrow.”

“And John?”

No it’s the end of the discussion.

“Go to TheBigPaintStoreOnlineNearMeDotCom and order 3 gallons right now.”

They enter the credit card information and click “Submit”

That took 74 seconds and that is fine. John jumped ALL critical thought and reasoned discussion and went to the end point almost immediately.

If you are in John’s shoes and it’s obvious that all choices are close to equal and realize that because there are hundreds of paint colors, most people will become paralyzed by just the thought of going through all the possibilities, well, it will be a long stressful evening for each of the friends. Bypassing critical thought allows you to preclude regret or option attachment.

Now if the question is what surgeon to pick for cancer surgery, or which million dollar house to buy, which neighborhood to live in, which school to send your kids to, then you WANT to ENGAGE critical thought.

Bypassing or jumping, critical thought allows you to help people make choices that are approximately equal in their benefit to the person. It allows them to appreciate you for helping them with something that could have taken months or years. You’ve literally freed up mental space for other things in life that need detailed attention.


What if you are not the authority and have no perception of expertise in an area?

You can still bypass critical thinking by proposing a process (a frame or formula perhaps) to figure out what to do.

If the person believes you can successfully manage the process, you then will shortly bypass critical thought after the process is complete.

“Values elicitations” (which are really nothing of the sort) are really excellent tools for bypassing critical thought.

What’s most important to you in buying a car?

What else is important to you in buying a car?

What else…?

And what resource would you trust to help you make a decision?

(They say Consumer Reports Online)

When the individual has gone through the process of laying out what matters then you simply offer the solution by going to a resource online, for example.

OK, you want a car with great gas mileage, less than $30,000; a solid track record for low maintenance, safety for your kids, and you want it to be silver.

Go to Consumer Reports Online and find the cars that meet those criteria, then we’ll pick the one that is the overall best one for you.

You go to consumer reports find the car then suggest,

“OK let’s go to Buy My Car Now So I don’t have to deal with the dealerships .com”

“You mean we can buy it that fast?”

“You can come back one year from today and we can do it then or we can do it now.”

Zero critical thought but a reliable process that is 100% generated from within their mind and completed with a trusted resource.

The idea that you always want to bypass critical thought in all subjects and areas of life is not desirable. There is a time and a place. Bypassing critical thought is great but jumping has tremendous value to it. It gets past resistance and allows for an efficient transaction.

Closing out today’s piece, I want to give you a sneak preview of another new “law” in influence.

#38  Law of Increasing Frame Protection

People are less likely to believe even strong well documented sources of information and suggestions offered by those with a message that conflicts with aspects that are not consistent with their current ideologies. You can’t break through the door but you can ask for the keys to the building.

If you state in public or in writing that you are going to do a specific, measurable task/behavior you are more likely to fulfill that claim.

If someone tells you that you are wrong, you are likely to refute that point of view in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

In order to shift and change minds one must now frame messages from the larger perspective of the listener instead of changing their frame.

Because of the New Law of Increasing Frame Protection (surrounding the frame of one idea with numerous adjacent ideas that may or may not be connected to the frame except in the framework of political or religious ideology, one is only attempting to find out if the individual is brainwashed or if they have a set of criteria that exist or can be made to exist.

The brainwashed group or individual can be very dangerous especially in situations where the crowd, is in control of the context.

Hey go check out how you might just take a quantum leap in charismatic communication in the brand new course, The Charismatic Communicator

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