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You don’t have to use the Internet to get your message to your customer; but it’s compelling to remember that if you do, it costs you zip.

The Internet makes building a business about as easy as it can possibly be.

Of course, like any business, you are competing with literally thousands of similar messages on TV, radio, newspaper, the Web, etc.

When you’re early in business or in the promotion of your work, you need to provide an absolutely great experience for your customer. You have to make a special connection and have a product or service that gives the buyer a lot of value.

In a series articles I am going to encourage you to perhaps put up your own website. (Takes minutes nowadays.) As you’ll see, the article sometimes presumes you already have a web page up, but it really doesn’t matter as just triggering ideas and thoughts is what’s important here.

….And then determine what you have to offer or will offer the world.

You might think “nothing,” but that is not correct.

Finally, I do want to persuade you that you personally have something that others want, and do remember, every other product on the planet can and is being sold on the web.

Most people are surprised when they find out that for the entrepreneur, it’s not, not, not all about having a lower price than the competition.

Successful entrepreneurs find ways of having something special or unique for their customers, even when they are selling a “commodity” (something like real estate where all sales people are selling the same thing at pretty much the same price).

This week, I want to put attention onto some ideas of which you will likely choose one or two or three that will make sense for you when you are making the world aware of what makes you unique, special.

16. The “One Opportunity” Idea

Position yourself as your Customer's Only ChoiceThe “if you had just one opportunity to (your product’s benefit), would you?…” strategy reminds your prospective customer they will have just one shot to gain their desired benefit. It questions whether they are going to pass up their only chance to improve an aspect of their life or reach their goals.

15. The “Physical Downfalls” Hypnotic Technique

The “does not (your product’s benefit) make your (a negative physical reaction)…” strategy asks your prospects if their knees shake, voices crack, throats lump up, hearts pound, palms sweat, bodies shake or heads ache without owning your product. If they have had those physical “reactions” in the past, they will want to get rid of them in the future.

14. The “Double Mystery” Strategy

The “there are mystery chapters written by mystery authors and experts…” strategy tells your prospects that your information product has undisclosed information given by undercover experts they will only learn about if they purchase your product. It could be mystery authors, speakers, experts, celebrities, etc., for e-books, speeches, audio recordings, videos, etc.

13. The “Foreign Friendliness” Strategy

The “I’ve created a different version for all the major countries…” strategy tells your prospects that International Business Successyour product can be used by all people, all over the world. There are many differences between countries on what can and can’t be done with products, like laws, beliefs, languages, religions, etc.

12. The “It Took Forever” Strategy

I hate the 10 minute e-book. I hate the 10-day e-book.

The “this isn’t one of those e-books that was created in (no.) hours…” strategy tells your prospects that your new information product or whatever, wasn’t thrown together in a hurry just to make a quick buck on some new, in demand subject. Assuming you did…LET THEM KNOW that you thoroughly researched the subject.

11. The “Want To Advertise?” Concept

The “bonus: a discount on advertising…” concept let’s your customer know that if they pick up your product, you will give them a discount on buying advertising from you or someone else you have done a promotion with. It could be for pop-up advertising, banner advertising, forum advertising, or just about anything etc.

It’s important to know that when you exchange your services with person X, it doesn’t mean that person X has to give the return favor to you. Instead of promoting YOUR product, they could promote someone else’s product who you’re doing business with as well, that is a better fit for them.

Then both will reciprocate later.

10. The “J.V. First With Me” Strategy

The “bonus: you will get my J.V. (co-venture/promote with you) announcement before everyone else…” strategy tells your prospects if they pick up your product, they will be one of the first to profit in the future from your new product launches. You can also mention they will get to see samples of your new product or at a discount before everyone else.

Exclusive offers for customers, Kevin Hogan

9. The “What’s Mandatory?” Strategy

The “here’s what you need to (your product’s benefit)…” strategy tells your prospects all the mandatory things most people need in order to gain their desired benefit from your service. You need to show them that your service offers all those things and your competition doesn’t.

It’s as simple as that.

8. The “Real Time Numbers” Idea

The “(no.) people are currently visiting my web site and (no.) people have ordered (add a live counter)…” idea tells your prospects how many people are viewing your offer in real time and a real time running total of how many people that have ordered and are ordering. People will get excited to see all this detailed information and know that they aren’t alone.

People need to know that they aren’t “the only” ones buying the new automobile or book or whatever. We feel better when we know other people are making the same decision we are.

It’s human nature.

7. The “Sound Complicated?” Strategy

The “it might sound complicated but…” strategy tells your prospects that, even with your product, gaining their desired benefit might seem complicated but it’s really simple when they think about it. It’s just a matter of following the directions that you have painstakingly made simple and easy, and taking one step at a time. Make sure they know that you’ll offer them 24/7 support in case they need you to take them by the hand and walk or talk them through it.

People deeply appreciate this.

6. The “Happy Birthday” Technique

If this isn’t the dumbest thing that works I don’t know what is. I have never taken advantage of this but I’ve watched a lot of people use it in brick and mortar as well as online businesses. It is effective.

Special Sales TechniquesThe “it’s my birthday and I’m celebrating…” technique tells your prospects the reason for your incredible offer is because it’s your birthday or because it’s coming up very soon. It could be you’re having a sale, launching a new product, holding a birthday type event, etc. People may want to give you a birthday gift by purchasing your product(s). Also works with anniversaries, weddings, Christmas or any other holiday or event when it’s proper to give a gift.

I’ve never done this. It can look goofy without a bit more rationale. I have seen other major businesses and marketers use it to success.

5. The “Past Info Product” Projection

The “(no.) (months/years) ago I read a (information type product, article, forum posting, etc.) that changed my life…” projection tells your prospects that you based your new product on or got the idea for it from what you read in the past. You can tell them all the positive benefits, feelings, accomplishments, etc., that you’ve experienced since reading that piece of information and created your own product from it.

People want to know YOUR experience. Make sure the advice is sound of course or save it for another day.

4. The “How Much Effort?” Strategy

The “spending a little money and giving 33% effort is better than being cheap and giving 100% effort…” strategy tells your prospects they have a choice about how much effort they want to give to gain their desired benefit. Unfortunately, people usually don’t want to give much effort these days (yes, even more than in the past) because they are used to getting everything instantly because of technological advances.

Create products and services that are more effortless to win and you both win.

3. The “Sorry, No Bonuses” Thought

The “sorry, I’m not offering any bonuses…” strategy tells your prospects that you aren’t offering any bonuses to your product. You can tell them that what they get from your product is more of a bonus than all those junk bonuses most businesses are offering online or off.

2. The “One Time Offer… Special Sale” Strategy

Time-Limited Sales OffersThe “my 3 hour O.T.O. (one time offer) special sale…” strategy is one where you make it clear, immediately to your client that your one time offer for a certain price is NOW only. If they are oscillating they will be significantly compelled to move now. It’s important to never offer the product again at this price. (obvious yes?)

The power of this kind of special offer is magnified if you develop the reputation for following through on deadlines, price changes, pulling promotions, never making a -one time offer- again to the same person.

People need to know that when you say something it is gospel.

1. The “Out Bid Everyone” Concept

The “I’m auctioning off XYZ to one person…” strategy tells your prospects they could perhaps have their own unique connection with you, or business opportunity, if they outbid everyone else. You could have a minimum starting bid and a date the auction will end to create urgency,….people will poke along forever if you allow it…. Tell the prospective client how much the business usually makes you per month so they have a clue.

You could have a real time system of the auction results on your web site so people can keep track of how much they need to keep bidding to win your auction. Cool huh?

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