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Subliminal Influence

by Kevin Hogan

For years people thought that subliminal audios could work only to find out they don't. Not even a smidgen.

That fact led me to believe that subliminal information on video would be useless as well.

I was wrong.

To be sure, most of the ways people attempt to use subliminal content is wasted. It can't work. You can't put "messages" on video and have those messages acted upon.

Newest Research Shows...

In fact, the most cutting-edge research shows that if a person is aware they are viewing something and they believe that the image is designed to cause a behavior in a way that they are being manipulated in a fashion not of their choosing, the desired outcome will fail.

Pick up a video this week for some great examples of what I'll be talking about... a movie called Panic Room with Jodie Foster. Great flick. 5 stars.

Now, in the movie there are several points of beautifully executed product placement. Coca Cola, Mayflower, Nokia and Evian are four I observed that were all used CORRECTLY.

Since studying successful and non-successful product placement, this stuff always stands out when I watch something.

(On the TV show 24, we see Toyota, Cisco and Dell, right? Only one advertiser was stupid enough to literally connect the product and brand with the intent to sell in a commercial during the show.'s the company that is down 65%...)

Kevin Hogan on Influence & Persuasion Factors

TESTED: What makes product placement work or not, is NOT how much screen time a product has. The notion that if you see something every five minutes, that it will make a stronger impression and increase a positive

TESTED: The notion that greater total screen time will create more buyers or have buyers buy more

But try telling the executives at Apple, "really, if you are on LESS it will work better."

But, there IS actually an OPTIMUM ratio of exposures and time.

KEYPOINT: If I was unaware of Coca Cola, I would be more likely to buy Coca Cola and drink more of it. But because I WAS aware of it, I am LESS likely.

and more importantly -

KEYPOINT: If the subliminal or supraliminal image is contextually relevant...if Mayflower moving makes sense in the movie because Jodie is moving into her new Brownstone...and the product is being handled or interacted with by someone in the movie and it is NOT obvious that it is designed to WILL influence!

Now, don't be dumb and just keep reading. Read all of that again.

TAKE HOME: With THAT information, you could prove to any company in the world the most effective way to use subliminal and supraliminal images for profit and pocket six or seven digit paychecks quickly.


Or you could develop your own video material.

And, yes I will walk you through exactly how to do this for other companies at Boot Camp and I will show you how to best do this for yourself in ways that I haven't shared before.

Hint: Not every company you help has to be a billion bucker....

So, what exactly works, and what doesn't? ...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

Kevin Hogan: Influence, Persuasion, Wealth Building

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