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Get It, Use It

by Kevin Hogan

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Power can be built up over time so you can handle more strains on your power reserves in any moment and say -no- to that which you know will move you away from your desired outcomes and -yes- to what you would like to do.

Influence People to Change Caveat: Self control will help you with relationships of all kinds but it (you) cannot guarantee all of your desired outcomes in those relationships. Your level of power (SRU) is not the same level of power (SRU) that your counterpart has access to. That means that they might blow a circuit and instead of control their actions and thoughts, they could easily be far more triggered than you are in any given situation.

Your own ability to regulate your Self is one thing. Being aware of and shaping the feelings of others is a more advanced skill of Emotional Intelligence.

Unfortunately you are not able to share your power with others though you CAN create environmental factors to lessen the drain of the power on another person.

You can however, almost be assured of outcomes where you control the result, like income production and weight loss.

Power is the energy and force of success and achievement.

When you are on your way to your first $1,000,000, you will use power (self regulation) to perform specific actions and think specific thoughts that will generate income.

For me this meant that I did not take phone calls thus avoiding the stress of dealing with distractions and I moved away from all influences that would require me to behave appropriately (requiring self discipline). Behaving correctly in any given context requires a lot of power (self regulation) and can easily trip the circuit in any given moment.

The more power draining outcomes you are juggling in any one moment, the more likely you are to blow a fuse and walk away from everything. Thus putting a bowl of chocolates on your coffee table is begging you to fail at EVERYTHING you attempt to do that day.

Just resisting your favorite snack drains you of power.

Self awareness is very important because without it, self regulation can and will exhaust you. As you push the limits of your power in the moment or over the course of the day, you typically begin to increase your power level. If you do the same thing day after day, you get no increase in your self regulation units available to you.

Emotions, body language - anger. istockphoto/TheCrimsonMonkey This person is more likely to blow a fuse when additional projects, tasks, outcomes are attempted. They simply do not have the SRUs for it. That means when they hit overload they no longer behave in a controlled, outcome oriented manner. It could mean that they will shout, walk away, slam a door, release an emotion in some way or succumb to a temptation like snacks, alcohol, smoking, swearing at you, etc.

This is why people who generate new things often become wealthy while everyone else remains behind. You have to know what you are thinking and what you CHOOSE TO think about. You can not have non-critical outcome oriented stresses running through your mind and body all day or you burn self regulation units too quickly.

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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